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We know that one of the biggest concerns when it comes to our services is a reliable way of getting to and from our center. Fortunately, we offer these services that will ensure a safe and
effective means of traveling both to our center and then back home from our center. Our transportation is reliable as well as comfortable and convenient for seniors.



Eating is so important to being healthy which is why we offer food at our center. From hot breakfast to hot lunch there will be something for everyone to enjoy. Also, snacks are always available for a quick and easy meal!



Going to a center is even better when doing various activities. With exercise, we offer dance Zumba, yoga, ping pong, and more. All these activities get our seniors moving and entertained. We also have activities such as card games, bingo, billiards, puzzles, and more. This helps promote wellbeing as well as having a good time!



We have many services on-site that help promote our senior’s health and wellbeing. We provide doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, social workers, and nurses in our center. They can perform a variety of services that include vitals checks, glucose checks, blood pressure monitoring, and more. They also can help with things such a pooled trusts, medicaid recirtifications, housing applications, SNAP, scheduling issues and a variety of other issues seniors could use assistance with. We are here to help and will do so in any way that we can!



Staying in one place can become mundane which is why we offer field trips. Locations such as movie theaters, bowling allies, parks, libraries, and museums are all fun activities that offer a great change of pace. Furthermore, we have trips to restaurants, supermarkets, malls and more that are a great way to spend time!



It can be important to look beautiful so that you can feel beautiful. This is why we provide services such as manicures, hair cuts, and waxes that can help our seniors feel better if they want! This makes coming to our center so convenient and helps promote cleanliness as well a providing enjoyment in grooming to those who would want it.

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