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We are Bergen Adult Day Care and we are here to care for you and your loved ones. We know how imperative it is to get the very best care for those you love. Our goal at Bergen Adult Daycare is to provide a safe environment for the elderly during the day when their caregivers are at work. Not everyone needs medical attention during the day but could use supervision as well as activities to ensure a safe and happy living!

Our center is designed to provide safe as well as engaging experiences for all of our seniors. Starting with transportation we can provide safe travel both to and from our center. Once at the center, we serve appetizing hot breakfast as well as lunch. From there fun events such as creative exercises, karaoke, bingo and more will be great activities to keep people not only occupied but happy as well as healthy.

Our staff is trained to deal with seniors with all different types of wants and needs. We have the know-how and experience to ensure the very best experience for all of our seniors. Our center is a place filled with caring people that truly want to provide a safe as well as good experience for all.

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